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Outsource your content to a writer who knows how to get inside the minds of your customers with words that’ll make an impression.

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Hey, I’m Erika. I write long-form content for tech, SaaS, and data companies.

My goal is to connect brands to crazy-loyal fans, one piece of content at a time.

Building long-term partnerships with my clients is at the core of my approach, and so I’m crazy reliable, consistent, and intuitive. I dive deep into understanding the nuances of your brand, voice of your customers, and content strategy.

Explore my portfolio to discover a collection of hundreds of articles covering a wide range of topics for my clients.

“The content Erika writes is mind-blowing. Seriously.”

“Erika is so easy to work with. She’s reliable and comes in with the mindset that she’s ready to learn. You don’t always get that with contracted writers.”

“I’ve worked with Erika for 3 years now, and she’s continued to give us fantastic work, time and time again.”

“I highly recommend hiring Erika – as long as you don’t take her from us.”

“I was so impressed with Erika throughout the whole process.”

“I highly recommend hiring Erika – as long as you don’t take her from us.”

“I highly recommend hiring Erika – as long as you don’t take her from us.”

“Erika’s communication was clear and timely, and it’s such a relief to have the hardest part of building my own website out of the way.”

“Erika gives us consistent and clear content that echoes our brand values.”

Writing Services

*I'm currently writing exclusively for ZenMaid. But, here are some other ways we can work together:

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Join My Referral Network

Become a writer I recommend to clients. Send me your contact information, a piece from your portfolio, and what you specialize in. If we’re a good fit, I’d love to recommend you to future clients. 

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Get My Eyes on Your Work

Looking for more eyes on your content? Reserve a spot on my calendar for a content or copy audit, and I’ll give you my best recommendations to strengthen your piece.

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Pick My Brain

Are you interested in becoming a freelancer? Schedule a time to grab virtual coffee with me and bring all of your questions! I’ll tell you everything I know.

Visit My Portfolio

Tech, Data, and SaaS Content Portfolio

Tech, Data, and SaaS Content Portfolio

Below is a list of articles I’ve written in the tech industry — click to read the published versions. Many of these pieces are written in collaboration with SEO agencies and in-house marketing teams. Lead Magnet: The Ultimate List of Interview Questions Is It Legal to...

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Creative Brands Writing Portfolio

Creative Brands Writing Portfolio

Before I started specializing in the tech industry, I wrote for creative brands. Here are a few projects I worked on. (Click on the project name and the link will take you directly to the live website/article.) Websites: Basecamp Content Vesper ATX - Austin...

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